Umm Umm Umm All-In-One Breakfast

Ok, so I tried this yesterday and it was so DELICIOUS that I got anxious and wanted to share but I didn't have any pics, so I made it again today and I took pics.
What is it? It is the most easy and complete breakfast you'll ever have!!!! I found the recipe at Blogilates' website, one of my favorites places to check. She calls it Berrylicious and I agree but, I think it should be call All-In-One Breakfast. Anyways, this is so easy to make, so practical and so amazing!
What you need?:
1 whole egg
1/4 c quick oats
5-10 frozen blue berries
1 tsp brown sugar

Put everything in a mug and stir/mix it up until it comes together.
Microwave for 1 minute and IF needed add 30 seconds until cook. Mine took exactly 1.5 minutes both yesterday and today. When done, put upside-down on a plate and devourer it!!!
Here are the pics, check out the last one!!! uuuummmmmmmm 
Even my kids loved it. 
Whats the best of this All-In-One Breakfast???
150 calories
11g protein
37g carb
10g fiber


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