Fast Metabolism Diet, Week 4: Day 22-28

Mar 3-10, 2014 What a week! I started the week doing really good, I was on track and OF COURSE I have people dropping by with lots and lots of goodies and we went on VACATION!!! Check out week 1, 2 & 3.

Gained or Lost: Still remains a question, I am still on vacation and I have no idea but I have been staying active. The week at glance: It has been crazy but I have enjoyed every second of it! What I ate? Well…. here it is:

Day/Phase Weight in Pounds Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Exercise Water Intake 
Monday 162.8 pineapple fat-burning smoothie pizza & coke pineapple fat-burning smoothie white chicken chili, coconut milk blueberries smoothie apple struddle AM-20 min walk/run PM- 45 min spin
Tuesday 162.7 pineapple & mango fat-burning smoothie apple struddle Artic Circle's hamburger carrot cake lasagna, brownies, chips, pie, strawberries 30 min walk.jog
Wednesday 164.7 pineapple fat-burning smoothie & 1/4 c oats chicken & orange salad, ham, chicken & pineapple pineapple ground beef, broccoli, acorn squash & pistachios AM- 30 min walk/jog PM- 55 min spin
Thursday 164.4 sprouted bread toast, egg & onion ground beef, broccoli & orange Mc Donalds' BLT (no bread) & coke oatmeal cookies ground beef, acorn squash, oatmeal cookies & orange
Friday 163.0 hard boiled egg & oatmeal cookies hard boiled egg & oatmeal cookies Artic Circle's chicken rings Mc Donalds' Big Mac & coke sneakers, crunch & cheetos
Saturday pineapple, golden puffs & milk quesadillas funyuns Artic Circle's oreo-butterfingers shake pizza AM-7 min run 30 min swim
Sunday pineapple, egg & bacon orange golden puffs cereal Panda Express' fried rice & orange chicken chocolate chips cookies, fish sticks, orange & pineapple 40 min swim

Fast Metabolism Diet, Week 3: Day 15-21

February 24- Mar 2, 2014

Lost: .8 pounds
Why is this week so different?  Well, I decided, in the middle of the week to eat freely and enjoy foods I haven't eaten in almost 3 weeks. My weight loss plateau during week 2 and then I gained 2 pounds entering week 1. I have read reviews of the diet recommending twitching it to get more results. So I did and I lost .8 of a pound! Scroll down to see exactly what I ate every single day. I started the week at 164.6 pounds and ended it at 163.8 pounds.
  Day 1: I followed the diet today even thou I am not happy that I started the week 1 pound heavier, it gets VERY discouraging
  Day 2: I only lost .3 of a pound today, not happy and I have been thinking on not following the diet anymore, I only lost big time on week 1.
  Day 3: Today I ate A LOT of foods that aren't part of the diet and I loved it!
  Day 4: Oh what a crazy day, ate foods that are part of the diet but not on the phase
  Day 5: Oh that I loved the Red Lobster lunch & leftover dinner!! I even ate 1 biscuit!
  Day 6: Had Puerto Rican's friends over and they brought delicious PRican food, I went over board
  Day 7: I fasted for half of the day and then I enjoyed food.

  Tracking Log (times are displayed military style):
Day/Phase Weight in Pounds Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Exercise Water Intake
Monday/P1 164.6 oatmeal fruit smoothie 0630 orange 0930 1C brown rice, baked sweet potatoes fries, pineapple 1230 pineapple 1550 chicken,1C brown rice, tomato, salad 1830 PM- 43 min spin 7 min run/walk 144 oz
Tuesday/P1 164.3 frozen pineapple fat-burning smoothie with 10 brown rice crackers 0630 pineapple 0930 Wendy's chili, baked sweet potatoes fries, tomato & pineapple 1300 orange 1530 brown rice pasta, lean ground beef, romaine & tomato 1800 56 oz
Wednesday 165.4 frozen pineapple fat-burning smoothie with 10 brown rice crackers 0630 orange, chocolate chips cookies none quesadilla, fried cheese, brown rice crackers brownies with 1% milk 30 min spin 48 oz
Thursday 165.2 frozen pineapple fat-burning smoothie with 10 brown rice crackers 0630 orange rotisserie chicken * brown rice crackers orange white rice & chicken 48 oz
Friday 164.2 frozen pineapple fat-burning smoothie with 10 brown rice crackers 0630 brown rice crackers Red Lobster's Lobster in Paradise: A split Maine lobster tail fried in our signature coconut batter, spicy grilled shrimp and a lobster-and-shrimp bake topped with toasted crushed macadamia nuts. none Red Lobster's left overs
Saturday 164.4 frozen pineapple fat-burning smoothie with 10 brown rice crackers 0630 orange Puerto Rican food: rice with beans, beef, salad 8 homemade churros popcorn
Sunday 163.8 none none none orange, brownies & 1% milk white chicken chili with brown rice, cereal & 1% milk
Due to my crazy eating I have no pictures to share. #FromFat2Fab

Fast Metabolism Diet, Week 2: Day 8-14

February 17-23, 2014
Lost: 0 Gained: .6
Scroll down to see exactly what I ate every single day. 

I started the week at 163.0 pounds and ended at 163.6, which makes a gained of .6 pounds for the week.

  Day 1: Wow, time flew by today. I felt full the whole data and food was really good!
  Day 2: Oh no, I gained .1 I had a good day and again, I was full and satisfied the whole day.
  Day 3: Ughh, I don't think I like the turkey bacon. I need to find something that I enjoy for this phase's breakfast
  Day 4: Not really sure what is going on and why I am gaining ounces each day!
  Day 5:  I think this is a fun phase but my weight is not going down, what is going on?
  Day 6: I am having a different kind of a day today, being out and not been able to control what is going on during the day and having to eat out is a challenge. I had a hard time finding a fast place to eat that will go with the phase. I need to plan for the unexpected.
  Day 7: Cook for the in-laws and another dish for myself. I was tempted to eat brownies, popcorn, drink a coke and oh mine!!! But I conquered those cravings.

  Tracking Log (times are displayed military style):
Day/Phase Weight in pounds Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Exercise Water Intake
Monday/P1 163.0 fruit french toast07:55 apple10:45 1C brown rice, pork, pepper, tomato & orange13:30 pineapple16:40 beef chili19:00 AM-30 min run 224 oz
Tuesday/P1 163.1 pineapple french toast06:30 apple09:30 beef chili & pineapple12:30 1C frozen fruit15:30 romaine, spinach, cabbage, chicken salad17:30 AM-32 min run 136 oz
Wednesday/P2 163.8 4 sticks of turkey bacon, 1 stalk celerey, 1/4C bell pepper06:30 whey protein, celery, spinach, Emergen C shake09:30 romaine, spinach, cabbage, steak salad12:30 shake15:30 salmon, green beans & cilantro18:30 PM-48 min spin10 min Strenght training 96 oz
Thursday/P2 163.5 steak & green beans06:20 4.5 slices of deli turkey meat, mustard09:20 4oz turkey & green beans12:20 ground beef, red bell pepper, 1 merengue15:30 ground beef & 1 merengue18:30 20 push ups 192 oz
Friday/P3 163.7 toast, fried egg, pear06:50 1/4C raw almonds09:50 turkey, veggies, avocado & pear13:00 shake with almonds15:30 baked sweet potato, avocado, pork18:30 192 oz
Saturday/P3 163.6 oats, blue berries, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/4 C pear06:20 1/4C raw almonds09:20 10 Mc Donalds chicken nuggets, 1 side salad with vinagrate12:20 Applebee's ribblets with steamed broccoli and ceasar salad (no cheese or cruttons)17:20 left overs: ribblets & 1 merengue19:20 92 oz
Sunday/P3 163.6 toast, onion, avocado, tomato, pear08:20 1/4C raw almonds12:00 grilled chicken, salad, blue berries, avocado15:00 shake with almonds18:00 shake with almonds20:30 10 min bike ride 144 oz

Pictures of my food:
toast & fruit
pork, brown rice, pepper, & tomato
fresh pineapple 
beef chili
toast & fresh pineapple
frozen fruit
chicken, & green salad (romaine, cabbage, & spinach)
chicken, brown rice, green salad
turkey bacon, celery & green bell pepper
steak, green salad, & green bell pepper
salmon, green beans, & cilantro
steak, & green beans
deli turkey meat, & mustard
turkey, & green beans
ground beef, & red bell pepper
pear, toast, & fried egg
pear, veggies, avocado, & turkey
tomato, avocado, baked sweet potato fries, & pork
1 hard boiled egg, pear, oats, & blue berries
toast, 1 fried egg, tomato, & avocado
blue berries, baked sweet potato fries, grilled chicken, green salad (romaine, cabbage, & spinach)
whey protein powder, spinach, celery & raw almonds shake

Fast Metabolism Diet, Week 1: Day 1-7

February 10-16, 2014

Lost: 5.3 pounds Scroll down to see exactly what I ate every single day. I started the week at 168.9 pounds and ended at 163.6, which makes a lost of 5.3 pounds for the week.

Day 1: I was really hungry right before lunch time, but then I thought lunch was a LOT of food. Loved all the food I tried from the book.
Day 2: Very interesting breakfast, I enjoyed it. But again I was hungry by lunch.
Day 3: Hated the breakfast! Hated it, hated it, hated it! Hate egg whites! And I didn't like the tuna-cucumber salad.  And the salad dressing tasted so bad! What an awful eating day!
Day 4: Better breakfast. This phase is a little bit hard to follow because there are no grains allowed.  Day 5: What a combination! I liked it. Oh but I am getting cramps. I feel as if I was getting sick.
Day 6: Didn't lose anything today but I got my menstruation. I am enjoying eating!
Day 7: Food was good and I can't believe how much I ate for the whole week.

  Tracking Log (times are displayed military style):
in pounds
Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Exercise Water Intake
Monday/P1 168.9 oatmeal fruit smoothie 06:30 orange09:30 1C brownrice, 4ozturkey, roamine lettuce, tomato and apple12:00 mango15:30 same as lunch17:30 AM-30 min runPM- 45 min spin 180 oz
Tuesday/P1 167.5 strawberry french toast06:30 mango09:00 1C brown rice,  oz turkey, romaine, pepperoncini,orange12:30 orange15:30 beef chili17:30 PM- 30 min run 208 oz
Wednesday/P2 166.6 egg-white spinach scramble06:30 tuna & cucumber salad09:30 baked salmon & broccoli12:30 tuna & cucumber salad15:30 steak, cabbage & romaine18:30 PM-43 min spin 180 oz
Thursday/P2 165.8 4 sticks turkey bacon, 2 sticks celery06:00 2 oz turkey pieces09:00 romaine steak fajita 12:30 3 lemon meringue & pieces of steak15:30 whey protein, spinach, celery and emergen C shake17:30 AM-weights:legs, arms, chest, stomachPM- 10 min sprint weight 172 oz
Friday/P3 163.5 whole egg, toast, roma tomato, onion06:20 1/3C hummus, carrots, broccoli, 1/2 lemon meringue09:20 pork loin, baked sweet potato fries, tomato & 1/2 frsh pear12:00 1/4 C raw almonds15:15 pork loin, tomato, baked sweet potato fries18:15 massage 224 oz
Saurday/P3 163.6 1 fried egg, toast, onion, pear06:45 1/4C raw almonds09:45 pork, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, pear13:00 whey protein, almond, spinach, Emergen C shake15:35 lettuce, spinach, avocado, pork salad19:00 180 oz
Sunday/P3 163.6 1/2C oats, 1 egg, tomato, onion, 1/4 avocado06:45 whey protein, spinach, almond, celery, Emergen C Shake10:20 stuffed bell pepper with ground turkey, tomato, avocado13:24 avocado, 5 slices of deli turkey, bell pepper16:15 whey protein, almond, spinach shake19:15 182 oz

Pictures of my food: 
beef chili

egg white spinach scramble
tuna-cucumber salad with salad dressing
salmon & broccoli
steak, cabbage & romain lettuce
turkey bacon & celery
turkey pieces
romaine lettuce beef fajitas
lemon merengues
hummus, brocoli & carrots
romaine, avocado, spinach, & pork salad
1/2 cup oats, 1 eeg, tomato, onion, & avocado
stuffed bell pepper with ground turkey, tomato & avocado
1C brown rice, 4 oz turkey, romaine lettuce & tomato
pork, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots & peas
deli turkey & green bell pepper
toast, onions, tomato, & 1 hard boiled egg
whey protein powder, celery, spinach & Emergen C shake
pear, toast, & fried on coconut oil egg & onions
pork, baked sweet potato fries, & tomato

The Fast Metabolism Diet

I have tried different diets, programs and crazy exercise routines (check them out here) which gave me results for the time I used them but it didn't last long because I got burn out. So this time its the turn for Haylie Pomroy's The Fast Metabolism Diet. The diet promises to lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days all through the fat-burning power of eating A LOT OF FOOD. So here we go!

Update: Mar 10, 2014 Ok, so I finished the 28 day cycle of The Fast Metabolism Diet. Check out week 123 & 4.

My review:  Pros:
  1. You get to eat delicious, healthy foods.
  2. Energy is back.
  3. My skin started to clean out from grown-up acne.
  4. I was able to exercise with more stamina.
  1. This is a VERY expensive diet to follow.
  2. It is VERY hard, if not impossible, to find a place to eat out.
  3. I didn't like having to carry food around with me all the time.
  4. It is difficult to remember what foods you are allow to eat on different days when out (didn't want to carry with the book as a reference--I'm pretty sure that the app would've be a lot of help with this one)
  5. Requieres a lot of pre-preparation, a lot of time in the kitchen and a lot of shopping trips.
  6. A large % of the suggested foods are not easy to find or you might need to order them online.
Does it work?: I am still confused and I don't know if the diet really works, even when I followed the diet strictly for 2 weeks.  

To Workout and Not To Lose???!!!

It is really hard to workout so hard and not to lose a pound. I have been doing Insanity now for 5 weeks, a whole 35 days and NOTHING. It can make anyone discourage BUT, I am determined to finish the program, which is 60 days. I want to finish to really know if it works or not.

I have had problems with how many calories I should be consuming and have adjusted it 3 times. Now that I am set to eat 1300kcal a day, I will start with phase 2 tomorrow doing all the MAX workouts and I will be done in less than 4 weeks.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to add more exercise, due that I only burn 440 calories doing Insanity but, I swear that when I am doing it I feel like I am doing it at my 90% of exertion or my heart monitor is not working properly, it might be old (thinking on buying a new one after I replace the batteries on this one).

Anyways, I have been keeping a food journal since week 3 and I keep weighing myself every single day and taking my stomach measurements with no results. This I don't like. I feel that I should be at least a pound or one inch smaller!!! In fact my BOOBS, my BUM and my THIGHS are BIGGER. And I weigh the same. Plus my knees are HURTING. What the crap?!

I guess we need to wait until I am done with the 60 days.

Baked Oatmeal Bars

Yeah, I need to have something to snack on but, I like healthy better options. Here is a pretty good snack bar:


1 1/2 c quick oats
1/2 c chopped walnuts
1/2 c dried cranberries
2 T sesame seeds
2 T flax seed
1 t cinnamon 
1 t vanilla extract
1 t salt
1 egg
1 1/4 c 1 % milk

mix everything
place a piece of parchment paper on a 9x13 bake safe dish
pour mixture on top of parchment paper and spread
bake at 350º for 40 minutes

After baked, let cool down. Used a pizza cutter to slice

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 53 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 
Trans Fat 
Total Carbohydrates 
Dietary Fiber 
Vitamin A 1%Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 5%Iron 4%
Nutrition Grade C
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Nutritional Analysis

Good points
Bad points
  • High in sugar
  • Contains alcohol


No Sugar Cookies

This cookies are LOW in sugar and easy to put together and 47 calories per cookie!!! what you'll need: 

Ingredients (Yields: 24 cookies)

2 c quick oats
2 ripe bananas
1/2 c raisins
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c 1 % milk

mashed bananas
add rest of ingredients
mix together
bake at 350º for 15-10 minutes

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 25 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrates
Dietary Fiber
Vitamin A 0%Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 1%Iron 2%
Nutrition Grade A
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Nutritional Analysis

Good points
Bad points
  • High in sugar
  • Contains alcohol