What Can I Do To Curb My Chocolate Cravings?

Source: The Craving Coachs

The best way to curb chocolate cravings is to enjoy it in moderation and to stick to the healthier dark chocolate that also contains lots of antioxidants.
Craving chocolate is also often an indication of a lack of certain nutrients such as iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. Let’s see what other foods you should be eating to make sure you get enough of these nutrients.

Iron – eat brown rice, whole wheat, liver, dates and beets
Copper – eat nuts (especially cashew), sunflower seeds, chickpeas, liver and oysters
Magnesium – eat peanuts, tofu, broccoli, spinach and soybeans
Potassium – eat apricots, bran wheat, raisins, figs, and baked potato with skin

I understand that sometimes you just have to have chocolate and the idea of eating some tofu or a slice of whole-wheat toast just won’t work. Grab a small piece of quality dark chocolate and savor it. Take your time, really taste the chocolate melting in your mouth and enjoy it without feeling guilty. This should take care of your craving and keep you from binging on a box of Hershey’s bars.

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